About Kacie

Starting at an early age I established the importance of nutrition and exercise in a healthy lifestyle. However, I also struggled with acne and was on a constant yo-yo skincare regimen of prescription and over the counter creams and gels. It wasn’t until eight years ago, when I began working in the spa industry, that I discovered the key to lasting health and beautiful skin was finding individualized balance.

I discovered my passion for skin care during my training with my aunt, Master Esthetician, Victoria Dianne Lofton. Vickie was an amazing skin guru and through her ‘working’ facials my skin became clear and balanced. She also taught me the importance of taking my time to create thorough treatments for each client with meticulous attention to every detail of the skin.

I believe in taking a holistic approach to skin care, by combining powerful anti-aging plant-based products, cutting edge technology, and complex massage techniques. No two people have the same skin or lifestyle, and that’s why I believe in individual, customized skincare that not only treats skin concerns during a facial but educates clients on product ingredients, what products are suitable to treat their concerns, and how those products work with their skin.