Finding Balance with Customized Treatments

As we all experience stress in life, we must create time for self-care to find balance. The skin is the largest organ of the body, as well as a window into what is going on inside of the body. When our diet or lifestyle causes inflammation internally, we will also see the inflammation through the skin. Internal toxins combined with the external toxins we are exposed to (through environmental pollutants and chemical products) can wreak havoc on our skin and create various, often frustrating conditions.


At Botanique Skin Studio an immense amount of emphasis is placed on creating a treatment that is customized to each client's concerns and lifestyle. No person has the exact same skin or issues, and that's why we have a thorough consultation prior to every facial. The facials clients receive will address their specific concerns.


Eco-friendly Products + Advanced Technology

While non-toxic, effective and clean skin care is our priority, we also utilize the latest in aesthetic technology and treatments. From advanced microcurrent to ancient Gua Sha, all treatments are chosen based on their ability to provide amazing results. At Botanique Skin Studio we combine the best of science and nature in a serene environment. The studio is a space to decompress and emerge feeling and looking absolutely renewed.