Number One Eyelash Tinting Treatment

Eyelashes are one of the facial features that often receive the most attention from women. However, it is often the amount of time and effort it takes to maintain your eyelashes correctly that can pose problems. Applying mascara, curling your eyelashes and even thickening them can take up a lot of time in your morning routine.

A Fuller Look for Less

Tinting your eyelashes can make them look fuller, healthier and longer. The real beauty of eyelash tinting is that it can leave your eyelashes looking their best for longer periods of time without having to repeatedly purchase, apply and remove mascara. Taking regular mascara applications out of the equation can leave you with precious additional time in your morning routine and less time spent on shopping for mascara. However you choose to spend that additional time, you can feel confident that your lashes will always look their best throughout your day.

Eyelash Tinting, $25.00